Customer Experience

CX entails a business wide strategy designed to reduce costs and increase profitability without compromising the customer satisfaction and loyalty. Through integral links with all systems within the contact center, where CRM aims to provide all the customer information and history in one window, in turn reducing agent effort resulting in improved efficiency while making the right decisions in a timely manner. Our CRM team has a vast experience of implementing Microsoft, Sugar and Siebel CRMs.


Customer Experience
  • On Premises

Today’s customers are interacting with their favorite brands through a multitude of channels including Social Media, email, webchats and phone calls, some common mediums. Owing to this companies find themselves expanding their outreach through all available channels and this provision of multichannel communication can cause inconsistencies in customer experiences. Inconsistencies can be detrimental to brand health; therefore, the concept of an Omni channel contact centers was developed.

Create Connected Experiences Across Journeys and Channels

Omni Channel contact centers allow companies a single platform where all conversations are gathered, analyzed and recorded in order to provide a holistic insightful view from the customer’s stand point. These solutions combine all conversations to give your customers an Omni channel experience from all mediums while optimizing your front and back office workforces and reducing the total cost of ownership. This directly results in the enhancement of customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. In our commitment to provide clients with the best products and services

  • On Cloud

Cloud computing is an internet-based computing model that provides low effort access to shared resources. This model of computing delivers increased agility, security, scalability & reliability and improves business performance while reducing concerns and costs of an on-premises setup. C Square has introduced Pakistan’s first and only multi-channel cloud-based contact center.

Deliver the Best Customer Experiences on Cloud

We at C Square bring to our customers world-class Genesys Contact Center on the Cloud hosted by the reliable Rapid Compute (a division of Cybernet). In addition to technology delivery, we provide day-to-day expertise and best-practice consulting in order to free your valuable time to focus on your customers. Whether the complete cloud solution, or a hybrid is chosen, moving to the cloud can drive significant cost savings, reduced total cost of ownership, and improved seamless customer experiences.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Engagement on Cloud

Clients can use the Cloud for inbound call handling, outbound telesales/collections, intelligent routing options, automated surveys, reputation management on social media, and maintaining complete records and audits of customer conversations across the organization using centralized recording service

  • Voice Engagement

Deliver the Right Experience for Every Customer

When your customers can’t resolve their problems through self-service, they will call you. Use these calls to build loyalty. Anticipate each customer’s needs based on context. Reduce effort for your customers and your team. Automatically match each caller with the best available expert.

Replace Outdated Engagement Models

Let go of outdated technology and integrate voice into your digital channels strategy. Stop struggling with complexity, inefficiencies, high costs and lack of agility. Change the game by virtualizing your contact center, enabling agent-to-agent collaboration and preparing for omnichannel engagement.

Differentiate Your Customer Experience

Recognize your customer and provide personalized interactions with context. Automatically route calls to the best available expert to consistently deliver great customer experience.

Execute Outbound Programs

Schedule automated and expert outreach. Escalate across channels as needed. Meet compliance requirements associated with programs for payment and collections.

Efficiently Manage Customer Interactions

Blend inbound calls with outbound IVR and automated predictive dialer calls to reduce expert effort and increase actual talk-time with customers.

  • Self Service IVR

Dynamic IVR

Even though customer communication using digital channels has increased dramatically, the phone remains a prominent way to resolve complex and urgent queries. The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system acts as the front door of the organization for customers. Despite the IVR being one of the most important parts of a customer’s journey, many organizations have not updated their systems. Instead companies opt to add new digital communication channels or streamline their operations.

Up-to-date Knowledge About the Customer’s Historical Interactions
Modernizing IVR systems is of paramount importance by incorporating them into their Omni Channel customer experience strategies. Customers and agents benefit greatly from an updated IVR that integrates customer data from across channels. Customers will gain simplified, tailored self-service menu options and if needed, they can be routed to the right agent to handle their query. When IVRs are integrated with CRM data, agents benefit by having more up-to-date knowledge about the customer’s historical interactions. Contact centers must also tailor self-service options, much like the simplicity of smartphone apps and social media, to meet the needs of connected customers in order to reduce the call load on live service agent. Oftentimes, customers are connected – whether via web or mobile – while in an IVR system itself or waiting on hold. During this time, there is an opportunity for contact centers to push data via SMS, chat or other visualized systems if a customer is calling from a mobile device. This will help ensure the customer is engaged and improve accuracy of menu choices. To guide contact centers that are upgrading their IVR systems, we follow best practices which are:

1. Make phone self-service part of the Omni Channel experience
2. Implement simple menu options that incorporate mobility
3. Encourage resolution in the IVR where possible
4. Use data to understand and predict customers’ needs
5. Update an IVR regularly to enhance the customer experience.
IVR Modernization
There is a lot of room for IVR modernization in today’s market. Our team at C Square has the expertise of designing a Customer Centric, Dynamic and Interactive IVR to meet business demands. Our IVR acts as Intelligent Front Door for the organization, where upon receiving calls the IVR can predict the purpose of the call and the best possible means of handling the call. We ensure a lesser burden on the agents and enable them to handle more productive and valuable calls while self-service calls manage themselves on their own.

  • Call Recording

Contact center Quality Management made better, using call quality monitoring
Quality can be a strategic force in your organization when you focus the attention on the right customer interactions and service metrics. C Square’s Quality Management Solution helps you monitor call center performance, drive measureable improvement, save money and provide executives with valuable business insight.

Elevate service quality with transparency: identify problems and reveal the fix
Our Contact Center Quality Management unlocks the potential of your quality program. It enables you to monitor measure and improve agent performance by focusing on the interactions which are driving cost and impacting your business. Providing you with an end-to-end quality process, the solution selects the meaningful interactions for evaluation based on data gathered from your agent’s desktop activity, or based on what was said in the interaction. When you can transparently focus on the interactions and metrics that matter most, you can:

• Gain visibility with Quality Planner into quality management tasks making it easy to manage workload and track progress
• The Patented Quality Planner gives visibility into quality management tasks making it easy to manage workload and track progress
• Transparently see what’s happening on an agent’s desktop during an interaction and use those insights to enhance quality plans
• Identify problems with dashboards customized to your needs and KPIs

WorkForce Optimization

A holistic workforce management is critical for customer service organizations that must balance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. For efficient staff environments that handle voice, e-mail, Web chat, SMS, faxes and work tasks, as well as social media interactions, managers must base schedules on accurate forecasts of contact, task volume and staffing requirements.

With the right forecasting, organizations can match employee availability and skills to customer needs with precision. Genesys Workforce Management (WFM) is a comprehensive, automated software application that accurately forecasts, schedules and tracks the performance of multi-skilled employees in single and multi-site front and back-office environments. It is the on