Digital Engagement Consulting


Digital engagement is of course driven by leveraging technology but success is about ensuring positive outcomes. It encompasses creating new revenue streams, seeking out new business opportunities, finding a competitive edge, creating efficiencies, and better serving customers.


We transform businesses with a holistic approach to digital engagement, creating customer experiences that are unforgettable, novel, and truly one-of-a-kind.


Digital Engagement
  • Web Engagement

Deliver the Experiences Your Customers Expect

Recognize customers, preserve context and orchestrate interactions across all touch-points. Provide a consistent, personalized experience. Give experts the knowledge and context needed to improve first contact resolution and reduce handle time.

Improve Web Service and Support

Improve customer satisfaction by providing online web chat, click to call, callback and email with seamless escalation to assisted service from self-service across all channels, including mobile.

Increase Website Sales

Proactively engage customers on the website through web chat and callbacks to increase conversions and reduce cart abandonment. Follow up with email or texts as needed to help complete transactions.

  • Video Engagement

Key Touchpoints for Direct Customer Contact

Two of the most significant sources of your company’s visibility and revenue generation are websites and mobile apps. These are key touchpoints for direct customer contact because of which it is important to streamline the customer’s web experience and to maximize business opportunities and revenue potential.

Customer Interactions

Companies often face challenges in creating compelling video experiences limiting how a customer can interact with your business and brand. In an effort to reduce the number of toll-free phone calls and drive down telephony costs, organizations are opting to integrate VoIP or video solutions into their sites. Delivering a low-effort customer experience with the advent of the Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) standard, lightweight voice and video services can now be implemented directly into web browsers to normalize both ends of a conversation. We at C Square have expertise in deploying the Genesys Video Gateway, an enterprise-class video product for WebRTC-compatible (or Flash for non-WebRTC-compatible) browsers that enables voice, video, and data transmission over the web. Contacting a company is now easy for partners, prospects, and customers, as they can quickly start a voice or video call from their desktop or mobile browsers.

  • Social Media

Engage Your Customers. Build Relationships. Increase Revenue and Efficiency

Engagement on Social Media has become increasingly crucial. Customers are talking about companies and products on social media, either hoping to interact with directly, or sharing opinions with others about their experiences. If customers are satisfied, then the happy chatter is good news for your top line. But if customers are unhappy about unresolved complaints or problems, it can have a major impact on your bottom line and brand perception. For many businesses, social media efforts are still evolving, and processes are often manual and not cohesive. A classic and common example is when social media channels are usually ‘owned’ by marketing groups. They struggle to handle questions that may be related to product support or other areas. The result is that, instead of optimizing communications it may leave your customers further frustrated. With Genesys Social Media Engagement, we enable businesses to be able to hear customers, prioritize comments based on sentiment analysis and Klout Scoring (Social Influence).

Drive Revenue with Video Customer Engagement

Improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue, and reduce customer churn with high quality video. Build customer relationships through a complete omnichannel experience over high quality video. Leveraging full voice, webchat, email and social media, and then adding video to fully engage customers.


Reach Out To Your Customers

Customers today are quite keen on sharing their experiences with people around them and their network. More so when it is an unsatisfactory experience. Smart companies benefit from this by reaching out to their customers and hearing their experience stories first, and consequently removing any concern before it spreads as negative word-of-mouth. C Square’s interactive kiosks give companies countless opportunities to serve customers better. The kiosks can be used for gathering customer feedback at the point of experience and ensuring all concerns are handled in a timely fashion and to gain positive customer advocacy.