IntellekT Banking Kiosk

The IntellekT Banking Kiosk aims to facilitate banks to rapidly expand their customer base, through convenience in the opening of mobile wallets (MW) and bank accounts, and the enablement of transnational services for these relationships at remote non-branch locations. This essentially allows both large and small banks to effectively increase their country-wide presence and increase their customer base.


1. Wallet / Account Opening, with NADRA Verification
2. Instant Card Issuance for Wallet / Account
3. Cash Deposit via Biometric Validation
4. Video Teller / Assistance
5. Complaint Logging and Update
6. Centralized Remote Management, Monitoring and Reporting

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Real-Time Metrics for Real-Time Performance Boost

iView features a real-time news ticker which provides updates that may affect agent progress and workload, such as informing about a closed down contact center which would add to workload in other centers.



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A Smart Assistant for Your CRM Needs

A complete customer relationship suite that provides a 360 degrees’ view of the customer for establishing and sustaining customer relationship in any organization, of any size.


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Avantage CRM



A Branch Callback Service

TranSecure, a branch callback service, provides a streamlined solution for financial institutions to record all the interactions occurring within the institution.


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Eliminating Frustrating Queue Experience for Customers


VeroConnect is a queue management system which aims not only at managing the queues for the call center, but also eliminating the queue experience.

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ProActive Contact


Your One-Window Proactive Solution


Customers today are bound for time and attention, and so it is the job of organizations to reach out to them proactively with content that is relevant, feel secure and have control over their conversations.


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Smart Board


Technology So Advanced It’s Simple



Write. Touch. Swipe. Pinch. SMART interactive displays, whiteboards and collaboration software are so easy to use, they’re second nature.



Video ATM


Offloading traffic to branch kiosk will be able to achieve higher customer satisfaction in greater volumes, thus eventually improving customer loyalty and retention, and long-term revenue boosts.
A key feature of the Video Contact is that it allows remote access to the agent, whereby the agent can take over the activities of the customer on the kiosk and perform all his/her tasks.


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A New Way to Connect with Your Customer


TellUs kiosks enable you to increase positive customer advocacy by engaging customers in providing their feedback and suggestions at the point of experience.


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