A New Way to Connect with Your Customer

TellUs kiosks enable you to increase positive customer advocacy by engaging customers in providing their feedback and suggestions at the point of experience.

Serve Customers Better

Customers today are quite keen on sharing their experiences with people around them and their network. More so when it is an unsatisfactory experience.


Smart companies benefit from this by reaching out to their customers and hearing their experience stories first, and consequently removing any concern before it spreads as negative word-of-mouth. C Square’s interactive kiosks give companies countless opportunities to serve customers better. The kiosks can be used for gathering customer feedback at the point of experience and ensuring all concerns are handled in a timely fashion and to gain positive customer advocacy.

FeedBack Kiosk

It records and gauge customer feedback about services and provide dashboard to measure performance of individual branches and services.

Account Opening Kiosk

You don’t need Customer Relationship officer! This machine provides access to open customer bank account and if he/she is stuck, video calling option with certified agent will help through Remote Control access. It is a self-service Kiosk that provide full set of transactions that can be performed from ATM, in addition it gives option to open an account, file complaint and request for services like check book, pay order etc.