A Branch Callback Service

TranSecure, a branch callback service, provides a streamlined solution for financial institutions to record all the interactions occurring within the institution.

Reduce the Risk of Miscommunication

Transecure, is our branch call back service which drastically reduces the risk of miscommunication. This software provides a streamlined solution to record all the interactions occurring within the institution.

Customer satisfaction and financial results are demonstrably linked. For that reason, improving the way customer complaints are handled is essential. Use the Complaint Management System to:


1. Implement a customer complaint management system
2. Enforce a business process to manage complaints properly
3. Provide instant access to all the traceability data in Shopfloor-Online to investigate the complaint
4. Speed up the process of handling complaint.
Record a Customer Complaint

5. Record the complaint when it arrives, with all the necessary supporting information to manage it: customer, contact, nature of complaint, date of complaint, quantity found, quantity affected.
6. Attach any related documents: scans of letters, photographs, emails
7. Record any claims amount
8. Assign ownership to manage the complaint
Manage the Complaint
9. Notify various people / groups
10. Workflow – manage the complaint and change its status as it moves through the process
11. Create an action plan to handle the complaint
12. Track the progress of the complaint and the associated actions
13. Track the age of each complaint and with email alerts
Ensure all actions are closed before the complaint can be closed