Eliminating Frustrating Queue Experience for Customers

VeroConnect is a queue management system which aims not only at managing the queues for the call center, but also eliminating the queue experience from the lives of customers by giving them the callback option. The results of this solution include intangible improvements in customer experience and loyalty, as well as a strong and measurable return on investment.


Serve Your Customer Better

VeroConnect will allow you to serve your customers better by giving them the option of a callback to reduce the customer’s wait time.



Moreover, you can enhance service satisfaction by enabling those representatives to call back who specializes in the area of query.

VeroConnect provides the customers an option of either holding the call until the customer service representative gets free, or to end their call and resume their activities, while the representative will return the call in an estimated amount of time or at a time of customer’s choosing. This also allows the contact center to span out the calls from peak hours to times of low-traffic which boosts agent productivity.