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If you want your organization to deliver an immersive communicational experience to your customers and gain valuable insights from the interactions, then CSquare is your best ally forward.

Genesys Cloud Solutions

Communicational Bridge between Companies and Customers

Communication between the company and the customers has always been difficult for even top-level businesses. However, the rapid advancement in modern technology has procured numerous solutions that enable companies to overcome complex situations seamlessly. Overcoming communicational barriers between customers is no exception.

Introducing Genesys Cloud Solution. An online tool created to provide businesses a platform that integrates customer communication into a perfectly structured database, allowing you to gain valuable insights to identify new trends, customer attitudes, buying behavior, and other helpful information. The perfect communicational cloud solution, equipping companies to deliver their consumers the best customer experience through seamless communication, interaction, and engagement.


Innovative methods & tools to keep an edge in the market

  • Automatic Services

    Let the customers help themselves without any external assistance. Reserve your agents for complex tasks requiring their expertise.

  • Voice Notifications

    Reduce the stress of traffic on your agents by having pre-recorded outbound voice notifications inform the customers about the fixes to their problems.

  • Cloud Servers

    Access your contact center from anywhere remotely through our online cloud servers without experiencing any difficulty, interference, or lag.

  • Automated Response

    When no company agents are available, have an automated system send out voice, callbacks, chat, or email for greater productivity and efficiency.

  • Unify Your Workforce

    Allow your employees to chat effortlessly, share important information and documents, and host video-conferencing for better results. Perfect for the remote workforce.

  • Unbreakable Security

    Genesys Cloud contains the strictest cloud security protocols that are constantly updated. Connect your company with its customers without a single worry of data leakage or theft.


Cloud Solution That Will Take Your Organization to the Next Level

Our Genesys Cloud Services are guaranteed to be highly flexible that can easily adjust to any problematic situation, and ensure that your company’s internal and external communications are never interrupted.

The clientele of CSquare always take priority and are always dealt with utmost respect and sincerity.

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Improve your customer ratings

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Gain valuable insights from the interactions

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