27 May
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C Square Partners with Fintech Leader ABHI to Deliver a Revolutionary Customer Experience Powered by Genesys Cloud
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C Square a leading provider of cloud-based customer experience solutions
24 Aug
Unlocking the Power of Calling CRM
Unlocking the Power of Calling CRM: Boosting Customer Relationships and Productivity
Category: CRM
Detail about what calling CRM is, what its benefits are, how to use it, and how it can change the way you talk to your customers.
21 Aug
Benefits of Contact Center CRM Integration (1)
Benefits of Contact Center CRM Integration
Category: CRM
In the fast-paced business world of today, giving customers great experiences
17 Aug
What is Genesys Engage?
What is Genesys Engage?
Category: Genesys
Genesys Engage is an on-premises customer engagement solution that is becoming a powerful tool to help businesses.
15 Aug
1 Aug 23-05 (1)
Sales Engagement Platform vs. CRM: Which One Fits Your Business?
Category: CRM
This article aims to provide a comprehensive comparison between Sales Engagement Platforms and CRMs, helping you make an informed decision
15 Aug
Genesys CRM in Pakistan
Genesys CRM in Pakistan: Revolutionizing Customer Relationship Management
Category: Genesys
This article explains why Genesys CRM is important in Pakistan, what its main features and benefits are, and how it is changing businesses all over the country.
31 Jul
CRM Solutions For Banks In Pakistan
AvantageCRM: Empowering Your Business with Seamless Customer Relationships
Category: CRM
This powerful tool will enable your employees to offer personalized services, cross-sell, and up-sell the right products to the right customers.
27 Jul
Genesys Partner in Pakistan
Genesys Partner in Pakistan – Best Contact Center Solutions
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C Square Consulting (Pvt.) Ltd, a leading Genesys partner in Pakistan, is at the forefront of providing innovative contact center solutions,
08 Jul
CRM for Call Centers
CRM for Call Centers – The Complete Guide Of 2023
Category: CRM
Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions can go a long way in streamlining the overall operations of your call center.